Eveleyn Lozada Gives birth to a Health Baby boy

Evelyn and her Baller Fiance Carl Crawford gave birth to healthy 8 lb baby boy on Saturday 3/22.screen-shot-2014-03-22-at-7-25-42-pmThe baby was a real surprise for fans. Evelyn shocked us with her baby bump pics last year on instagram.Evelyn is also mother to 20 year old Shaneice Hairston from a previous relationship. Congrats on the new delivery we can’t wait until the baby’s name is released.


Carl and Evelyn have neamed their newborn son Carl Leo Crawford after his father. The Dodge player is on maternity leave and had missed his teams season opener in Australia to make it to his son’s delivery.

One thought on “Eveleyn Lozada Gives birth to a Health Baby boy

  1. I am going to take a lot of flack for this one but, I don’t think pregnant women are all that attractive. People say they glow and look so beautiful, I think the look tired, beat down and bloated. With that being said, Eveleyn Lozada has changed my opinion on that! She was one of the most beautiful women in the world during her pregnancy! Look at that picture above and try to disagree, you can’t! 🙂



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