Kelly Rowland and Universal Part Ways

After weeks of rumors circulating, Kelly Rowland has confirmed that she’s given Universal Republic– her label home for two albums, including her latest, Talk A Good Game— the boot. In true survivor fashion, she’s already picked up a new gig as the spokeswoman for Caress body wash. All we needed was another reason to keep staring at her. She always looks so flawless. We can’t wait to see what’s next from Kelly.o-KELLY-ROWLAND-ALBUM-COVER-570

3 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland and Universal Part Ways

  1. Does anyone know why she left Universal? Was it money or just her new career change that made her leave? It seems like there must be some underlying cause but I haven’t been able to find out yet.


  2. Good reads, very proud of your promising future. We reconnected at Collars today, I was in the red Rutgers hoodie doing a little behind the scenes work. I would like your contact info, and the other ways your connect via social media (twitter IG FB etc)
    IG = rise_of_new_rome
    fb = Rico Slaughter



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