Sean Kingston Bentley Gets Repo’d

Sean Kingston’s had an embarrassing night, when his Bentley got REPOSSESSED on Sunset Boulevard and the whole thing was caught on tape.

Sean Kingston valeted his Bentley at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood the last night. The valet kept the Bentley in front of the hotel and that’s when the car was Repossessed.

Somebody went and got Sean…and he starts arguing with the repo man at one point he hollers, “I paid for it already.”

Short of what would have been ideal, the Bentley got towed. Cops were called for to the scene, yet no arrest were made.

This isn’t the first vehicle Sean had taken from under him.

One thought on “Sean Kingston Bentley Gets Repo’d

  1. Oops! Millionaire loses car because he couldn’t pay! I think her could pay and has more than enough money, but perhaps his busy schedule got in the way or someone who is supposed to be doing this for him just didn’t.


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