DeSean Jackson released from Eagles immediately after drop story

Desean-Jackson-Superbowl-Media-Day-Gods-Of-Mankind-black-leather-jacket1The Eagles has cut star receiver DeSean Jackson.The news broke just 35 minutes after posted an article associating the player with alleged gang related crimes.The writers are Eliot Shorr-Parks and A.J. Perez.

Things we should Know:

1.Jackson was contacted by an LAPD detective seeking information on a 2010 gang-related murder in Los Angeles. Jackson was not a suspect, but police believe he may have had information about a suspect in the murder, Theron Shakir.

2.In 2012, a gang related homicide occurred outside a gathering in Los Angeles. The building was owned or rented by a part of Jackson’s family, and a few documents of his were found inside.

3. The LAPD’s  detective Eric Crosson, believes Jackson to be a part of the Crips. His proof incorporates Jackson throwing  Crip signs in photographs and  even on the NFL field.

4.DeSeans record label is also under scrutiny for the label being name “Jaccpot”—in light of the fact that, as stated by Crosson, “Crips abstain from putting a “C” alongside a “K” on the grounds that it stands for ‘Crip Killer.'”

As stated by Shorr-Parks and Perez, the Eagles were worried that this had the potential for an awful circumstance and  had been trying to trade DeSean for Weeks now.


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