Keyshia and Kellz In the Studio


Keyshia Cole is looking to make a huge return with her approaching sixth studio album. Following the release of her two fresh out of the box new singles “Rick James” and “Next Time,” the R&b diva hit the studio to work with none other than R. Kelly this week.

Taking to Instagram to show us a pic, she said the two are making a track in the style of “When A Woman’s Fed Up.”

“#studio wit Kellz @rkelly #whenawomansfedup type shit #music,” said Keyshia.

“Now I see why ya’ll miss me so much! I used to spit that shit. This is the first album I wrote pretty much by myself since A Different Me and I freestyled all the songs I sung! Straight from heart (6 songs) Sorry to say, but I Got you! Hey…everything has it purpose.”

Keyshia’s right now untitled, sixth studio collection is expected out this August.



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