Interview: Nadege Cosmetics Faces The World

By Jarrisa encore

Being a model it was an interest in me to really interview a woman of color heading up the ladder of cosmetics. Though we are often addicted to the veil make-up gives, I have been on a journey to keep my natural skin healthy to get the best out of my make-up wear. After all, we only get one set of skin.Being a tester for Kiss Cosmetics I was definitely in my glory as I sat down with Nadege as she told me about how Nadege Cosmetics came to her and sprung about. As everyone knows I love lip gloss and pampering my lips, so I couldn’t leave Nadege without taking #Twilight & #LittleBowPink with me. While digging through her bag I got the time to ask her some questions…
Jarrisa Encore & Nadege Cosmetics

Q. At what age did you first start wearing make-up?
A. It’s funny you ask that, questions on how old I was. I was actually allowed to wear makeup at 21

Q. When did you know cosmetics was your thing?

A. Being a Hairstylist beauty has always been my thing.

Q. How do you feel about people’s opinion when it comes to females wearing makeup?

A. Truth be told makeup has been around since BC ages. Makeup was and still is a way to attract people, even to cover-up some unwanted scars. Most importantly it enhances our beauty.

Q. Did you have to learn facts about the human body to start this career?

A. Yes! In beauty school. The human body, we endorse so much. Our skin is an actual cell, that re-grows itself. Also in school I was forced to learn the skin from the inside out.

Q. Where did Nadege come from?

A. I am Nadege that is my birth name and Nadege means “Hope”.


Q. Where has Nadege been?

A. (Sighing) I’ve been waiting my turn.

Q. Where do you see Nadege in 5-10 years?

A. Nadege will be taking the world by storm, allowing women to identify their true meaning of beauty. In 5 years Nadege Cosmetics will be a top brand, in 10 years it shall become a product you can’t live without.

Q. What’s unique about Nadege Cosmetics?

A. Nadege Cosmetics speaks for itself.

Q. What’s your best seller?

A. All of the lipstick and lip’s hard to pick just one. LOL

Q.Name two cosmetics every female should have in her handbag?

A. Nadege Cosmetics liquid lips and Nadege Cosmetics mascara

With the support of  a loyal customer base Nadege Cosmetics holds the entire east cost down with fly, fresh, and trendy cosmetic applications that every girly-girl must have. I present…Nadege Cosmetics!

Instagram: @iamnadege



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