Cast of Real Housewives Atlanta Threaten To Quit Over Porsha Williams

Season 6 Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta Threaten to Quit Show

One bad peach can spoil the bunch…

All the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta are threatening to walk off the show if producers fire cast member Porsha Williams– well all of them except Kenya Moore. You see, Kenya is the source of the whole problem. Last week during the taping of the season 6 reunion, Kenya and Porsha had an altercation in which Kenya decided it would be best to dial 911 and tell the dispatcher that she had been assaulted. Over the weekend at Kandi’s wedding the group hatched a plan to stand up to the producers knowing that it would hold up production of Bravo’s ratings goldmine if they all banded together. They would much rather  Kenya be gone with the wind due to her tendency to bring drama with her as she twirls. That would be fabulous. Listen to the call below.


What do you think? Team Kenya or Team Porsha?


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