Did Kenya Moore Fake Her Dog’s Death?

Kenya might lie about a  lot of things, but I just don’t believe this one.


There have been reports that Kenya sent Velvet away to live with her friend Brandon on the west coast months before filming the emotional scene that aired this past Sunday of Kenya sobbing over the vicious attack on her baby. Poor, poor Velvet. Why won’t they let the dog rest? Brandon DeShazer (you know, the one who swears Apollo attacked him at that grown-folk sleepover) took to twitter to post proof that Velvet was indeed gone.

He also told TMZ  ““Anybody who has pets knows the kind of love you develop for them. To report that something like that would be staged … it’s disgusting.”

Well, this is one thing that I can agree on with Kenya, who is still incredibly heartbroken even months after the death. She tweeted this message and didn’t return for several days.

Ok, Kenya, you get my sympathy on this one. There is one more episode this Sunday at 10pm on Bravo before the reunion airs next month.

What do you guys think of all the drama surrounding Velvet?


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