LoLo Jones is Taking Shots at Rihanna


Over the weekend, everybodys favorite disappointment of an olympian, Lolo Jones decided to make what seemed like an innocent little joke at Drake and Rihanna’s expense. What happened next was amazing.


It’s a well-known twitter fact that the Rihanna Navy (her fans) go hard in the paint, a devotion so deep it is rivaled only by the Beyhive. In fact, I don’t even think I have to say anything because the tweets speak for themselves. Check out some of my favorites.

angry rihanna fans tweet lolo jones
The navy came for Lolo Jones. She didn’t stand a chance

Can I live? I say, can I live? I’m sure Riri and Drake have laughed too hard at all this nonsense and she’s probably too busy being, you know, successful to bother with a response. The navy has her back. Oh Lolo Jones, you might do better if you just stopped talking.

Lolo Jones Twitter Fail




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