Mimi and Nikko’s Scandal in Atlanta: The Sex Tape is Coming

Mimi Faust and Nikko Sex Tape, mimi and nikko

That publicity train is rolling full steam ahead, ya’ll! Not even two full days ago did I tell you about the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 premiere date and show you the trailer. Watch the trailer. I’ll wait. Okay, so that sex tape that Mimi was asking Erica if she’d ever made one? Then she cried because it’d been “leaked?” Well apparently she signed the the release papers because Vivid will be releasing the raunchy footage at the end of this month. Seriously though, how are you going to cry about having a daughter and then sign the papers? I mean, chick was hanging from the shower curtain rod…

Could this be a play of desperation to save her spot on the show?  Is it possible to smell thirst? You know Joseline had something to say about it.

Joseline Hernandez Instagram

I”m just gonna go ahead and put this here, though…

If you want to see the trailer, click here (Definitely NSFW!)


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