Mike Epps Punches a Woman at the “A Haunted House 2” Premiere After-Party?



So, the story goes that  Mike Epps was with his wife at the “A Haunted House 2”  premiere after-party ( I didn’t even know people saw the first one, let alone enough of them to warrant a sequel) when a woman approached him claiming to have had a relationship with him and wanted to confront him. The woman, later identified as comedic actress, Simone Shepherd, told police that  Epps punched her in the jaw despite the fact that she didn’t appear injured. Shepherd has worked with Epps in the past as his ghost writer, but claims the pair has other history. She got into an argument with Mike’s wife Mechelle and when he separated the exchange, she alleges that he hit her.


Damn, Mike. You don’t have to go down like that. See the photo of her face here

A Haunted House 2 is in theaters now.


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