Coachella Pt. 2: Pharrell and Friends + Nas and Lauryn Hill Rock the Mic


Coachella weekend number 2 just wrapped up and what a great weekend it was! The world got to see more of  Pharrell and his Smokey the Bear hat . Plus he brought all the friends along! To top it all off, Ms. Lauryn Hill joined Nas on stage for his set.

 photo TIandPharrell_zps23a62cd3.jpg
Pharrell and TI

Pharrell and Friends

Nas amd Lauryn Hill

This momentous occasion was spurred by the 20-years-ago-to-the-day release of Nas’ classic album Illmatic. I think this only further proves that they both still got it.I for one, am super happy to see Lauryn back at it after the hard year she had last year with all the legal troubles. I hope this leads to a great comeback and that album that we’ve all been waiting on.

What do you guys think? Who was the hottest performer at Coachella this year?


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