Keke Palmer is the Youngest Talk Show Host in History

True Jackson, I mean, Keke Palmer is about to bring back Teen Summit!  Okay, so it’s not actually like that, but she is getting her own talk show on BET this summer. I might just be telling everyone how old I actually am by saying that back in the early 90’s when BET was actually useful, they had this show where a group of teens would get together and discuss relevant issues– sex, drugs, school, politics (Hilary Clinton even made an appearance) and it felt like you were sitting and listening to a friend or older sister, just chilling. So, imagine my excitement when I heard that Keke intended to broach such subjects in her new summer series for the new generation. The show, known for now as The Keke Palmer Project, has been picked up for an initial 4-week period to run Monday through Friday starting in July. I think this is awesome  and we need some positive successful energy on the small screen to balance out all those Wendy Williams reruns. Not to mention that this is huge for Keke– she is officially the youngest talk show host in history at just 20 years old. Congratulations are in order and I know she’ll do great.

Are you excited to see Keke Palmer’s new talk show?




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