Mimi and Nikko Are Making Change for Vivid and Steve Harvey Doesn’t Like It



It’s out…the infamous flick from LAHHA couple Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith hit the internet yesterday, but TMZ reported that the pair sold $400,000 in preorders alone before the weekend started. They’re out here breaking records! Guess all that swinging from poles is gonna pay the bills from now on.Add that to the (hilarious) industrial shower rod shortage of 2014 in Lowe’s and other home improvement stores and Nikko’s little shower diddy, I think you have a 15 minutes of fame that has come close to running out on several occasions.

I don’t agree with a lot of of what Steve Harvey says in his bestseller “Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man,” I truly don’t. I think it’s antiquated and doesn’t take into account the modern woman’s sensibilities. However, I feel like he summed it up for the masses in this audio clip. I also have to say that while we do a lot of talking about Mimi’s part in this situation, nobody is talking about Nikko other than that ratchet ode to vajayjay. Ever since he showed up on camera, I felt that he uses her as a come-up rather than actually caring about anything she’s doing. Of course that’s from the outside looking in, but for both of their sakes, I hope the rumor mill keeps on spinning and the checks keep coming because before this, nobody was talking about them. It’s likely that  there won’t be much talk after this dies down either. They better stack that paper and make some investments.

Your thoughts? Is this all a publicity stunt to stay relevant?


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