Diddy Celebrates the Future Success of Revolt



Diddy is shaking up the business world, hosting parties to woo investors to his Revolt Network. Since he’s in his element throwing banging affairs, it only seemed fitting to bring investors into his world… and the world of his network’s audience. Making comparisons to CNN and ESPN, Diddy is promising to be as synonymous  to music as the latter are to news and sports. Not only that but  he asked  attendees “if you had a chance to invest in Apple when they were in a garage” wouldn’t they “join the party?”  Diddy took the network to air in October of last year.


The closer for the deal was that Revolt intends to have its own app that allows viewers to watch the channel live, have on-demand access, get news updates and programming reminders.  The party continued in celebration of future successes of the channel, stating “…we are going to be available in over a billion devices in five years.” The after party kicked off with a performance for Childish Gambino.


Revolt TV is currently available through Comcast and Time Warner cable providers.


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