NeNe Booted from Dancing With the Stars



Consider that a wave of dismissal to her spot on DWTS, as the very rich beyotch was eliminated from the competition this week. Watch her final dance.

She then took to twitter to share some words of encouragement (and promo) with followers.

nene-leakes-dtws-tweetsShe was on Good Morning America today with partner Tony Dovolani, saying “It was a great, amazing, positive experience for me. I felt blessed to be there … made friends for life.”

She continued with “Me, fabulous at 40, competing against Olympians, I thought I was amazing. I went further than I could have ever imagined. And I’m proud of that.”

I wonder what Lenethia is gonna go home and do now. I mean, she turns down scripts all the time. Where will we see her next?

What are your thoughts on NeNe’s Dancing With the Stars run? Did she deserve to go home? Give us the tea in the comments section!


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