Drake Pranked By Jay-Z at Nets Vs Raptors Game


That’s what you get for talking about fondue like it’s not delicious!

Jay-Z got the last laugh at Game 6 of the playoffs. After Drake took shots at the Brooklyn rapper  and his supposed penchant for melted cheese and  had the nerve to lint roll his pants during an earlier series in the game, Hov superimposed a Brooklyn jersey on Toronto’s own. See the fall out below.

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YOLO #ForBrooklyn

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The reaction?


Then, when his team lost at the last second of Game 7, Drake was once again on the sidelines looking like this:


It was a loss so heartbreaking that Jay-Z took a moment to break his Twitter drought. Seriously, Mr. Carter hasn’t been on Twitter since last July. He also took the high road. I wouldn’t have.

The lesson in this situation is: Jay-Z owns a Jumbotron. Don’t try him unless you own one too.  Lest you end up like this:


What do you think? Did Drake deserve the prank or did Jay take it too far? Sound off below!


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