Hot Messes on Twitter: Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle Trade Insults in 140 Characters or Less.


Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle exchange heated words on Twitter



Tamar and K. Michelle have never truly gotten along. After seemingly calling a truce before dropping their albums, the Twitter beef got kinda hot a couple of days ago. From K.’s perspective, she’s just minding her own business but people won’t leave her alone.




Tamar-Braxton-K-Michelle-Twitter-3K. Michelle continued her rant via Instagram posting:

Tamar-Braxton-K-Michelle-Twitter-2Oh, no… not a Muppet…

When word got around to good ole Tay-Tay, she had plenty of choice words for her VSOP-singing counterpart.


Lawd, why can’t we all just get along? These two and their slick mouths going back and forth with silliness.  I just don’t understand the big deal when they are both quite talented in  the vocal department. Tamar is currently touring with R. Kelly before embarking on her own U.S. tour. K. Michelle has a successful studio album “Rebellious Soul” under her belt. She released a new mixtape in February, entitled “Still No F-cks Given,” a follow up to 2011’s “0 F-cks Given.” VH1 has even announced that she will have her own Love and Hip Hop spin-off to chronicle her life, premiering sometime this summer.

Are you a Tamartian or a Rebellious Soul?Lend us 2 pennies in the comments!


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