Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Faces 30 Years in Prison



The jig is up.

After making a great big deal about being Kenya’s storyline during the last season of RHOA and declaring that she should hope that nothing happens to him, it seems that something may indeed happen… like prison. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Phaedra Parks’ husband is now facing a total of 30 years behind bars in connection to bank, wire and mail fraud. He plead guilty in front of a  judge for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

It seems that Apollo was scamming people out of their money by opening a fraudulent debt collection agency to collect personal information and then collect unclaimed funds or steal monies from a variety of sources such as the U.S Treasury and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In addition to jail time, Nida must pay 2.3 million, including restitution to the alleged victims and government agencies affected by his plots. His co-conspiritor Gayla St. Julien was sentenced to 5 years in prison after her guilty plea to similar charges against her. The AJC article did go on to say that:

Nida said in court that he takes “full responsibility for my actions” and expressed regret for hurting his family and any individuals and institutions affected by his fraud. “It was a dumb situation I put myself in.”

Apollo’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 8th at 2 p.m.

This is such a shame. His reasoning revolved around trying to keep up with Phaedra’s earnings instead of just trying to be legit and be around for his kids. I mean, he’d just gotten out of jail for fraud in 2009. Why risk it again? The possibility of not being around for those young boys’ lives is heartbreaking.  Season 7 of Real Housewives is set to begin production soon, so I wonder how they are going to handle this one.

What are your thoughts on the situation?



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