Leslie Jones Defends Her Slavery Jokes from SNL

It’s been almost a week since the skit aired and I’m just now watching it. I tend to avoid the controversial things that people are making a big deal about, because well… they usually aren’t a big deal at all. I kinda feel that way still about Leslie Jones and her slavery joke.

The internet was up in arms about Jones referencing her love life in pre-Civil War terms. She basically said that because she was tall and strong, she would have never been alone back in the day because she would have been useful for breeding. These days she can’t even get dinner from a guy.  Viewers everywhere found the jokes offensive and she even pissed off the digital editor of Ebony Magazine.

She took to twitter a few nights ago to address her critics. Remember to start from the bottom or it’s easy to get lost.


She made a joke about a dark spot in history. She pointed out what would have been her position in an alternate reality. Was it completely historically accurate? No. Most jokes never are. The Boondocks had a whole episode about slavery two seasons ago. She made a very interesting point in the fact that if Dave Chappelle had done the joke, people would have loved it. Richard Pryor made his entire career from saying offensive things and he is considered a comedy legend. Is this just a case of being a black woman in a white space? I think so.  Leslie finished her rant with:


You can watch the Weekend Update in the video above. Was it too much or are people too sensitive? Sound off below!



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