Did T.I. Get Another Woman Pregnant?

Rapper T.I. talks about a child he fathered outside of marriage in song.

His 16 bars may have told on him.

Seems like all those rumors about T.I. getting another place away from home might have some truth to them. Tip, real name Clifford Harris, has taken to renting a Downtown Atlanta condo, which he says is to help him focus on work, but sounds like it could be an escape route. Tiny has been on several media outlets claiming that their marital relations are fine and the the divorce rumors are unfounded. However, with a closer examination of his verse to Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” remix, one can see that clearly, something isn’t right at home.

Well maybe I’ma just go spend $4 mill on crib…

All the kids wanna know where they little brother’s at
Got damn I ain’t even told my mother yet.
Yeah, I know I was clowning
I know you wasn’t just going to take that laying down and
I’ll be the first to say it, I was dead wrong…
But if it isn’t worth shooting me in the head don’t
take to social to try me
Putting folk all in our BI all on IG
Nah, I don’t believe it, I don’t wanna see it
Maybe I wake up tomorrow it’ll be deleted
You out the country in bikinis on beaches
While I’m in the studio doing features like…

Well, dang. The Family Hustle was my ish, too. We’ll see how this plays out. Is T.I. just writing what he knows? We’ll let you have a listen to the track and play the critic in the comment section.


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