Photos: Lydia Nam Has Reciepts, Claiming That The Dream Attacked Her While Pregnant


Well, it’s obvious that somebody attacked her.

Lydia Nam, mother to The Dream’s infant son came forward recently with photos from his alleged attack against her. The incident, said to have taken place in April 2013 left the then-pregnant woman with multiple bruises and scratches. According to the criminal complaint, things got physical during an argument at a hotel. Lydia reported that she’d been dragged by the hair, kicked in the head, choked with a necklace  and pinned against the wall– all roughly  3 months before she gave birth to  a son, who is Dream’s 6th child.  She alleged that he also threatened to kill her O.J. Simpson style.

Nam says she didn’t report the assault til November because she was afraid of what Dream might do. The Dream, on the other hand denounces the allegations and claims that he never touched Lydia and she  is only coming after him to avoid being deported back to Canada. Apparently, a person can not be deported from the U.S. if they are the victim of a crime, as a special visa allows them to remain in the country for the prosecution.

TMZ has released the photos detailing her injuries and they looking pretty damning.

lydia-nam-the-dream-pregnant-injury-photos-4 lydia-nam-the-dream-pregnant-injury-photos-3 lydia-nam-the-dream-pregnant-injury-photos-2 lydia-nam-the-dream-pregnant-injury-photos


Abuse is not something to be taken lightly at any time, so there is definitely some investigating that needs to be done. Of course The Dream wants nothing to do with it, but even if it wasn’t you who caused the injuries, wouldn’t you want to know who hurt the mother of your child instead of talking bad about her? Seems suspect to me.

What do y’all think? Let’s talk about it below!


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