The Shade Seen Around the World: Mimi Faust, Nikko and Stevie J Are Trading Insults


After a great opening week for season 3 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, it seems that nothing could go wrong for any of the cast. If it seems crazy that nobody reported an $800 camera missing at one of the busiest airports in the word, it’s probably too crazy to be true. I mean, if we can get past that poorly acted lie about your sex tape being stolen and given to a major distributor ( and we can’t,) then all else can be forgiven, right?

Um, no.

Atlanta radio station V-103 has had both Stevie J and Mimi on the air, including their partners with Big Tigger and Ryan Cameron to air their sides of the story… and both of them are ridiculous. Mimi and Nikko are claiming that Stevie is a deadbeat who does nothing for the daughter that he shares with her, 4-year-old  Eva. Nikko confirmed this by saying that Stevie never comes around, thus making him a non factor. Everyone wants to act like there’s an issue between you two, huh? so that drop kick to  the face in the trailer for LAHHA was just for show? Hm.  Mimi and her new man claim to be the sole providers for the tot.  As far as the claims of only making $100,000 from their flick, Mimi dismissed it saying that Stevie had no right to inquire about the check because he financially neglects his child.

Stevie on the other hand is all on the radio with his Puerto Rican princess, Joseline giving his two cents about the situation. There are a couple of things he apparently wants us all to know:

1. Vivid offered the deal to the two of them first during season 1, but they turned it down. They are not in the business of selling souls.

2. The company offered them extra money if they could have brought in K. Michelle.

3. If you get $100,000 check for a porn, you’ll only get 33K of it back after taxes.

4. He knows Nikko is not the man he says he is.

Experience the crazy below:

What are your thoughts on all the lies and scandals plaguing these reality stars? Fill us in with a comment.


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