Ray J Offers Kim and Kanye Porn Money As A Wedding Gift?


While the world awaits their supposed nuptials this weekend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are chilling in Paris eating ice cream and looking sexy. I must say that I’m feeling this body suit and jeans combo that Kim is wearing.


Spotted at Häagen-Dazs feeding those curves a little dairy an sugar, the pair were surrounded by passers-by with many a camera phone out to snap a picture. So tell me why, in the middle of all this premarital bliss, does Ray-J feel a need to be… well, Ray J? Leave it to bitter ex to try to rain on it to no avail. Brandy’s little brother/VH1’s cash cow thought it might be a good idea to offer his share of the profits from the sex tape that he and Kim  had nearly a decade ago. ray-j-kim-kardashian-sex-tapeYes. It is apparently still making money– to the tune of $47,000. And that’s quarterly sales. A seven year old porn is  still taking in almost $50K in four months? GTFOH! According to TMZ, the flick has grossed over $50 Million and Kim gets at least as much as Ray, but her figures aren’t public. Kanye has already proven that he will swing at you over Kim. I don’t know why Ray J thought this was going to go over well. He really wants something to pop off, because he is still broken over the fact that he didn’t end up with her. My favorite thing the internet said about the situation?

In other words, it’s time to let this go, Ray. It ain’t happening. Move on with Floyd Mayweather’s ex-side piece, Princess Love, keep your ratchets on Love and Hip-Hop LA and stop trying to drag Kim down with you. That Kimye money stacks so much taller. Go with Plan B and donate it to charity, then have a seat. Better yet, put out an album! Or are you going to show up at the wedding and sing this outside the entrance?


What do y’all think?


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