Spoke Too Soon: Aundrea Fimbres Leaves Danity Kane to Start a Family


Oh my heart, the rumors were true. So it seems that the trio pictured on the groups comeback single “Lemonade” is the permanent line-up. DK’s Aundrea has decided to retire her dancing stilettos and head off into the married life. During the kick-off performance of their “No Filter Tour” in San Francisco this past Friday, Fimbres made the announcement.

“I do have to say one thing if you guys don’t know. I just recently got engaged,” the 30-year-old said to a screaming crowd. “Two dreams of mine have been to be a singer and be on stage like this and to have a family. In a couple of months, that’s all about to come true. I’m going to get married…”

danity-kane-aundrea-2 Tearfully, she  thanked the fans for their support as she continued,

“I’ve gotten to do some amazing things with Danity Kane, but it’s time for me to start the next chapter in my life, so I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart…I love you so much. And I just wanted you guys to know from me. They are going to kill it for you,” she said. “While I go and have some babies!” 

iHeartRadio Music Festival Village - Show

Well, sounds to me like she’s already got a bun in the oven. We don’t know who the husband/baby-daddy-to-be is, but congratulations to them. Meanwhile, catch the newly formed trio’s performance of “Lemonade”  and new cut “Rhythm of Love” below.

I’m feeling them both, but “Lemonade” was the obvious stand out. And Shannon? That chick was killing it! DK3 in the house? I think so.

Heartbroken over Aundrea’s departure? How are you liking the new material?  Was Dawn’s lip-sync a little too obvious? Write us an essay in the comments section!



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