Columbus Short Violates Restraining Order

Columbus Short

Columbus Short’s stint as Harrison on “Scandal” may be over, but his legal troubles seem to be getting worse. We told you about the situation with his ex-wife, Tanee  McCall-Short, in which he threatened to kill her and himself. Rightly so, the incident sent Tanee to the court to file for divorce and obtain a temporary restraining order. He was required to move out of the house as part of the agreement. However according to TMZ, his ex’s lawyer has reported him to the judge for contacting Tanee 6 times.


Columbus’ actions could have him held in contempt but McCall-Short’s lawyer asked to make the restraining order permanent.. No final decision has been made, though the judge is considering the request. Until then, the temporary restraining order has been extended to July 30th. In addition to the physical threats against her life, Tanee claims that Columbus broke into their home (that he’s restricted from) causing her to fear for not only her safety, but that of their two-year-old daughter.

Come on now, Columbus. I’m going to need you to get it together.


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