Up Next: Aaliyah Biopic in the Works?


We’ve all had our hopes up for an Aaliyah movie for who knows how long. It’s been mentioned only 35,000 times and last Christmas, Barry Hankerson, CEO of Blackground Records got Twitter all in a tizzy with what looked like a VH1 promo picture for his late niece’s movie.


Yes! Does that mean we can expect it this summer on the 13th anniversary of her death? Maybe so, though there has been no confirmation from the Viacom-owned channel about the movie. Barry captioned the photo:

“Merry Christmas #TeamAaliyah #VH1 “One in a million” The Aaliyah Story @VH1 sneak peek! Merry Christmas enjoy #2014.”

Speculation only heightened after  actress Tristin Mays, who auditioned to play the main role took to instagram to  say:


“Today, I can’t be upset that I didn’t book the role I worked so hard for. This may have been the most difficult, emotional, inspiring, and lengthy audition process I’ve ever experienced. Getting the chance to portray someone I’ve always loved and admired so much was a blessing every single step of the way. I invested every ounce of my body mind and soul into this process and I can honestly say I’m proud of myself. God definitely has something incredible in store for me. A huge thank you to everyone who believed in me and spoke up for me in the room. And a huge congratulations to everyone in the cast!#TheAaliyahStory”

I guess I can see a tiny bit of resemblance in a roundabout way. I’m kinda excited about the idea though. VH1 did a pretty good job on the TLC movie they released earlier. So, I have no reason to believe that they can’t get  this one right.

What do you think? Is it about time or has the time passed for a movie?



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