TI vs Mayweather: The Aftermath

T.I.-Mayweather-fight   What in to world? Ya’ll were just cool a month ago.

Here’s what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. Apparently over the weekend, T.I.’s wife, Tiny decided to step out and have some girls time in Vegas. While out clubbing, she runs into “Pretty Boy Floyd” and their respective crews link up and have a good time. Some pictures were taken and Tip got word of it. You know, he get’s a little defensive about his boo. Next thing we all know, Tip is taking it back to the streets, strolling up in Fat Burger like it ain’t no thing, to confront Mayweather. What happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, because that’s how we got here:

The photo in question?

TMZ says that Mayweather and crew were eating at Fat Burger when TI rolled through and started punching him. The entourages jumped in, chairs started flying and Floyd told Tip to “Control his b-tch.” By the time the police showed, up Floyd was leaving and TI was already gone. Here’s what  Floyd had to say.

TI took to social media to show his face and address rumors that he’d gotten hurt in the scuffle.

The most hilarious thing about this has been 50 cent. Now, this man missed his son’s high school graduation (baby mama drama or not) but found time to make a series of instagram clips. I’m just saying…

After the fight, it seems that Mayweather took it to another strip club to make it rain on some girls because, that’s the only way to get over an ambush.

What are your thoughts? Did TI sucker punch Floyd, or was Floyd just slow to the draw? Sound off below!


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