Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox Have Beef Over Stolen Phone


vivica-fox-kenya-mooreThis week on:


Vivica A. Fox is calling names over a prank that Kenya played on her. According to Gossip on This, Kenya took Vivica’s phone and proceeded to tweet something in regards to menopause. She’s about to make Vivica “Set It Off” up in here because, she was having none of it with her former Celebrity Apprentice co-star. Kenya’s tweet has since been deleted, and she was fired from the show after Mr. Trump called her “the most evil woman he’d ever met.”

MailOnline had this to say about the incident:

According to sources, once Vivica, 49, realised that Kenya had done, she deleted the message, she erupted in fury, with one saying: ‘It was World War III on that set. Vivica cursed her out so bad that the entire set was speechless, even Kenya.

And it led to Mr Trump’s tongue-lashing before he uttered his trademark phrase ‘You’re Fired’.

Vivica broke her silence on the tweet saying

following up the first tweet with this so that we would have no doubt what she was referring to:

Shady Kenya couldn’t be bothered to post it where Viv could see it, because we all know Ms. Moore is used to shading everyone on Twitter. No. She took that shadow to Instagram.

Why can’t she just leave people alone? I heard she has befriended fellow tv-b-tchy-diva, Kate Gosselin. Think they’ve been trading tips?



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