Wedding Ratchet: Bridal Party Performs Drunk In Love




Oh my…

Ashunti Coupling and Rawlings Osei, you have something interesting going on here.

Beyonce sent us all surfboart-ing into the streets, clubs and in our cars  last year with the release of her self-titled album, but I don’t think this is what she wanted. Weddings are supposed to be remembered for the beautiful bride and happy groom. Maybe even the food. Yeah, sometimes the chicken is dry, but we can forgive that when everyone had a great time. I don’t think anybody should be “drunk in love” though. It might be how you got to the altar, but that doesn’t mean take it to the reception Watch the bridal party get down for the crowd below.

I can’t with this right now…



And what’s really going on with the groomsmen? They did not look amused at all. Youtube wasn’t too thrilled with it either, with the general response being things like:comments1 comments2


Youtube can be so hilariously cruel.




beyonce-laughingWhatever the bride and groom’s reasoning was behind the performance, it seemed like it was meant to get the party started since they can be seen pulling other guests in to dance. A good time seemingly had by all, right? I hope they enjoyed the party…



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