The Shade: Nicki Minaj throws all the shade at Iggy Azalea During Acceptance Speech

Well, somebody said it.

Nicki Minaj sent for Iggy Azalea with the coolest of shade at the 2014 BET Awards. It’s not really a secret with the beef the two of them have going, at least on the charts. Iggy does possess the #1 and #2 singles on the charts right now. She’s the only female rapper on it, period. However with rumors that rapper T.I. helps her write her rhymes, it’s clear that Nicki does not consider her any competition…maybe. Some may read all this as jealousy toward Iggy’s success and Nicki feeling insecure. I don’t see it that way, but I can see how someone would. Just so you know though, Nicki writes her own verses as she detailed in her jab-filled acceptance speech for “Best Female Hip Hop Artist,” which she’s won 5 years in a row.

I’m working on an album coming out at the end of the year called The Pink Print. That’s not a plug, but it’s a plug. My point is, what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it [sips tea]. And no, no, no shade.

No, no shade. No, no, no shade.

She continues her perfectly placed tirade with reference to Young Money rapper, Lil Wayne.

I used to sit in the studio with Wayne and I would literally be taking, sometimes, three or four days to write a verse, and one day he was like, ‘No! You can’t be taking all them days to write no verse! You gotta write your verse right here in the studio!’ And that’s why I love him to this day because it pushed me to push my pen. And I’m still one of the only emcees that’s out here spitting metaphors and making you think and I don’t even really care if I get my credit or if I don’t. I don’t look at myself as a female rapper because I know what I do.

Well, if that wasn’t shade, then what was it? Because I’m weak with the look she gave the camera.


If you haven’t seen the hilarity, we have it here.

Was Nicki wrong for dissing Iggy or  should Iggy clap back with a response? Share your thoughts below!

Favorite looks from the ladies of the 2014 BET Awards Red Carpet

The 2014 BET Awards happened last night at the Nokia Theater in L.A. and the red carpet was red hot with these looks from the ladies. Check them out below!

Adrienne Ballion looking gorgeous in a white gown with her signature top bun and red-orange lipstick.

“Think Like a Man Too” beauty, Regina Hall is killing them in a white pant suit, black sandals and natural makeup.

Kerry Washington makes her first televised appearance after giving birth to baby Isabelle two months ago. She looks stunning in a short floral number and white pumps.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris looks good in a black halter-style dress with scalloped layers, sliver flowers and gladiator pumps. Interestingly, she hit the carpet solo (with a naked ring finger,) but hubby TI was in attendance.

Lil Mama is working this orange mini dress and blonde hair. I love it.

Magic Johnson’s daughter, Elisa Johnson worked her magic on the red carpet in a black Chanel pant suit.

R&B starlet-in-the making, Tinashe was “2 On” as she strolled down the carpet in her sporty black jumpsuit and high tops.

Kenya Moore brings her “Gone with the wind” fabulous-ness with a gorgeous orange dress that contrasts well against her skin tone. She might be a bit off, but she can work a dress, honey

Which one is your favorite? I’m torn! Help me out by weighing in on the fashion in the comments section.

Jessica Williams Gives Us the REAL on Double Standards in College Sexual Assault Cases

In a world where women are consistently blamed for the sexual harassment they recieve based on the clothes they wear, the jobs they have or the way they speak, we must go through great lengths to ensure our own safety. Much of the conversation on the other side of the gender bias however lets male offenders off the hook,  as you will see in the following clip. We can teach boys not to mess with girls that are promiscuous, but we we have a very hard time teaching them that sexual assault is wrong.

Jessica Williams of The Daily Show nailed this skit as she hilariously detailed the frustrations of the constant awareness women go through whenever they’re out alone. While the way she delivered the information was funny, there is nothing funny about how true this all is. Women are expected to police the  behavior around them in order to protect themselves and that is a sad state of affairs. If you’ve never thought about how much work it takes to be a woman, check out the clip below.

Chris Brown Teases New Music on Instagram, Usher Releases a New Track

Chris brown has been hard at work since being sprung from the pen. Setting instagram on fire yesterday with a snippet of a new collaboration with Usher and Rick Ross, Breezy gave us a taste of the single “New Flame.” Check out how hot it is below. The full song is set to be released next week.

[instagram  url=]


Usher-Nylon-3Usher has regressed back to loving in the club.

Yeah. For some reason, Ur-sher saw fit to take a PM Dawn sample and Juicy J combine them and come out with a stripper love anthem entitled “I Don’t Mind.” I’m just not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I know that Juicy J has always proclaimed love of the ratchet variety but this just doesn’t feel like it’s on the right path. Not after “Good Kisser,” which I felt fit him better. I know we asked him to take it back to the Confessions era, but I didn’t think he was gonna go back to being 26 again. Still no official date for the album that will house this special gem of a song, but here’s hoping that it get’s better.

Check out the track below and tell me how you feel about it.

Google Spends $50K to Get Girls Interested in Technology

Did you know that only 18% of women with undergraduate degrees possess one in computer science and information? Well, search engine giant, Google is investing to change that.

$50,000 over the next three years is being allocated to teaching girls and giving them access to programs like “Made With Code.” They can learn things like Blocky Coding, which works like putting a puzzle together rather than typing everything out by hand, music production and making the GIFs that I spend so much time laughing  at. Google brought in some heavyweight support by partnering with the Girls Scouts of America, Girls Inc and Chelsea Clinton, just to name a few. The plan is also to reward educators who are encouraging girls to explore technological career choices.  According to a study conducted by the AAUW (The American Association of University Women), there is still a major gender divide among what men and women choose to study in school.

“Most people associate science and math fields with “male” and humanities and arts fields with
“female,” according to research examined in this report. Implicit bias is common, even among
individuals who actively reject these stereotypes. This bias not only affects individuals’ attitudes
toward others but may also influence girls’ and women’s likelihood of cultivating their own
interest in math and science”

I remember hating math and science as a student and even being pushed toward subjects like English and art, so it’s not hard to believe that these things still exist. I think this a great idea to decrease the gender gap in the STEM fields. So much of our time is spent using technology, why not teach girls to take full advantage of it? As an added change, Google will be  working with the Science and Entertainment Exchange to get more female scientists and engineers on television.

Way to go Google!

Just as an added bonus (albeit slightly off topic) also check out this commercial for Goldie Blox engineering toys. I thought it was so cool when I first saw them, so imagine the creativity you could inspire little girls with.

What do you think of the news? Are any of you involved in math, science or computer related field? Share your experience in the comments below!


Rihanna Covers Up and Covers Hapar’s Bazaar Saudi Arabia

 photo rihanna-harpers-bazaar-1_zps106b5313.jpgWait a second…

Rihanna is fully clothed?

Seems that way, as she is gracing the cover of the Arabian edition of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She looks amazing, even within the very strict guidelines of the country’s dress code. You know, especially since she’s a big fan of showing some skin. She shared the cover image on Twitter with the caption:

#HarpersBazaar #ARABIA #Cover @BazaarArabia shot by my new fave photographer, Ruven.

Ruven Afandor is a New York-based photographer who has shot the likes of Beyonce, Pink, Kerry Washington and the cast of Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black.” He might be my favorite after these shots. Peep the absolutely stunning close-ups below.

If there’s one thing, Rihanna does best, it’s serve face. Gorgeous doesn’t even describe it. What do you think of the photo spread?

New Music: Trey Songz- “Change Your Mind”

Trey Songz- Change Your Mind

Trey Songz  has the right idea.

In the final days before the  release of his “Trigga” album on July 1, the singer has given his “Rated R” days a brief rest  in favor of a summer jam. I’m feeling it. Entitled “Change Your Mind,” we get to see Trey surrounded by beautiful women at a rooftop party, living it up and having a good time. While it appears to be a slick advertisement for Double Cross Vodka on the low, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as the snow cones flow freely and Trey is flashing those dimples at the ladies.

Check out the video below. And if you haven’t heard, he’s streaming the album for free right now over at MTV.