Free At Last: Chris Brown Released From Jail



Chris brown is on the streets again.  After serving 108 days in a cell in a LA county jail, he was released at 12:01 AM. After all this mess about violating his probation from his assault case with Rihanna when he got kicked out of rehab, and a DC hotel scuffle which resulted in him being sentenced to another 131 days in the clink, the judge let him go for good behavior and time served. How much time was that?

116 days. He could have been sitting still for a total of 4 years.

I bet you anything Chris walked out of the joint like this:



Upon his release, he tweeted:



While he is free to roam the outside world again, he still has 800 days of community service left to complete.  I’m sure he won’t mind it now.

chris-brown-thumbs-up Hopefully after this time out, he will quit acting up. Welcome back, Breezy!


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