New Music: Luke James, Kelly Rowland and Trina


After touring the world with Beyonce, Luke James has come back with some life experience. He’s giving us “Options” and including Rick Ross. With the way the piano creeps in, you start expecting something Ne-Yo-esque. but but the beat drops and you start feeling it. I feel like Rick Ross was unnecessary, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


Kelly is out here giving us anthems! Fresh from walking down the aisle, Kelly Rowland is serving up fierceness with the Pepsi-backed track for their visual album, due in stores June 10. Perfect to mesh music and sports together, Beats of the Beautiful Game and Kelly’s Game will have us all rocking out and watching the World Cup.


You might remember when T.I’s wife Tiny and her sidekick Shikinah put out a track, but Trina and Lil’ Mo are taking their turn to cut dudes off in their she-mix or K. Camp”s “Cut Her Off.” Per usual, Trina is kicking them to the curb with a well-placed stiletto and getting to the money with Lil Mo as a reinforcement.

What are you thinking about the tracks? Let us know in the comments!


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