Usher Covers Nylon Magazine


Usher is a good listener.
We wanted sexy back and he gave it to us.

After fans pleaded with him to go back to the old days of  “Nice and Slow” and let go of the techno-pop sound that he embrace for his 2012 album “Looking 4 Myself,” the “Good Kisser” is preparing to grace the stage at the 2014 BET Awards with his James Brown-inspired joint and sexing up the covers of Nylon Guys Magazine. It’s hard to believe that Usher has been doing this music thing for 20 years, but 20  years of ladies swooning over him? That’s not hard to believe at all. Check out the spread, captured by Kenneth Cappello.

Usher-Nylon-1 Usher-Nylon-2

Usher-Nylon-4 Usher-Nylon-3 Usher-Nylon-5


Usher’s yet-to-be-titled album is due out sometime in the fall. In the meantime, these should tide you over. His performance on the BET Awards airs June 29.


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