You Tried it: Petition Beyonce and Jay-Z to Comb Baby Blue Ivy’s Hair?


Here  we go again…

If y’all don’t leave this baby alone…

The Carters are are looking a little travel weary, or as Mama Bey might say “I woke up like this.” As the crew arrived in NYC on Sunday, we see that Blue Ivy is really her father’s child, looking just like him.  Here’s the thing though– why are we still talking about her hair. There’s this absolutely ridiculous petition  about Blue’s “lack of moisture” and “lint balls.” Even reality stars Syleena Johnson, Tamar Braxton and KeKe Wyatt got in on the situation  while on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show in Atlanta.

Syleena said “She’s giving me Terrence Trent D’Arby!”

KeKe offered advice such as ” Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural, but you still have to comb natural. Grease natural. Wash natural.”

Twitter went in.

It’s been time to let this go. She is a child. If somebody told you what to do with yours, you’d be fighting mad, too.
You have angered the #BeyHive, though. So you should not be surprised that they came for you.

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