Love and Basketball Star Finds Stalker in her Home…Asleep


Well ain’t this something…

TMZ reported earlier this morning that Sanaa Lathan’s home was invaded by a stalker. A man by the name of Shawn Caples was discovered sleeping like a rock in Lathan’s laundry room by contractors. The 28-year-old claimed to be the star’s husband. Sanaa’s court papers say that he’d shown up before and she shooed him away, yelling for him to “get the f–k out of here!” She called the cops on him after he failed to leave. Three days later, Caples showed up again and she hid, afraid of what might happen. Contractors found him in the laundry room on Friday.

Caples has been arrested for stalking and Sanaa has obtained a restraining order. Upon release, Caples must stay 100 feet away from Lathan at all times.

We’re glad she’s safe. What do you think of this?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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