Jessica Williams Gives Us the REAL on Double Standards in College Sexual Assault Cases

In a world where women are consistently blamed for the sexual harassment they recieve based on the clothes they wear, the jobs they have or the way they speak, we must go through great lengths to ensure our own safety. Much of the conversation on the other side of the gender bias however lets male offenders off the hook,  as you will see in the following clip. We can teach boys not to mess with girls that are promiscuous, but we we have a very hard time teaching them that sexual assault is wrong.

Jessica Williams of The Daily Show nailed this skit as she hilariously detailed the frustrations of the constant awareness women go through whenever they’re out alone. While the way she delivered the information was funny, there is nothing funny about how true this all is. Women are expected to police the  behavior around them in order to protect themselves and that is a sad state of affairs. If you’ve never thought about how much work it takes to be a woman, check out the clip below.


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