50 Cent Bought Out ALL the Copies of Trey Songz’s “Trigga” Album

Trey Songz might have just gotten some awesome first-week  numbers thanks to his bromance partner-in-crime, 50 Cent. The “Trigga” album hit stores this past Tuesday and I know many a fan girl that had gotten their copies. But if you were one of the customers searching for the disc at a Pittsburgh Best Buy, you probably ran into a bit of bad luck. Blame 50. He bought up every single copy of “Trigga” in the store. Maybe he figured loyalty goes a long way in the game these days, since the pair just collaborated on 50’s “Smoke” joint. They even performed together for the GMA concert series.

with a caption that read
@treysongz I BROUGHT THE STORE. NO CD’s left in best buy,in Pittsburgh tell the label i said reship LMAO

The employee then went to the back and pulled more copies for the zealous supporter…



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