Yet Another Woman Steps Forward Claiming Matthew Knowles Fathered Her Child

Will somebody please tell Beyonce’s daddy to sit down somewhere? After all the craziness he endured with secret baby #1, Nixon, you’d think he’d learn a lesson.


 BuzzFeed reports that A second woman has come forward with allegations that Matthew Knowles fathered her child, who was born in 2010. Taqoya Branscomb is a 30-year-old real estate agent that claims that Beyonce has a baby sister named Koi, and daddy Knowles needs to get on these child support papers. Back in May, Branscomb petitioned the court to have Matthew take a DNA test, but she’s so sure that he’s the father that she also wants him to pay for her attorney fees for making her go through the trouble. At least we know she won’t end up in a homeless shelter, since she’s clearly working. She used to be a lingerie model.

The fact that I’m shaking my head at though, is that she is in fact younger than Beyonce. Could this be one of the reasons she divorced him as her manager?

We covered his previous drama with actress Alexandra Wright who has been homeless and struggling ever since the judge in her case ordered that Knowles didn’t have to pay child support for three years due to overpayment. He got the judge to adjust his payments after claiming that he’d lost majority of his income after he was replaced as Beyonce’s manager.

Here’s hoping that she finds the answers that she’s looking for.






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