How To Sell A Magazine: Michael Strahan Covers Ebony and Serge Ibaka Bares All For ESPN’s Body Issue

Michael  Strahan has his hands in everything daytime TV. Whether you watch him with Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Michael” or prefer him on “Good Morning America,” the point is that you have a choice. The man is everywhere, including covering your favorite football team’s games on Sunday. On top of killing the TV  game, he’s also a doting father, who lives a bicoastal lifestyle to take care of his twin daughters that he shares with ex-wife Jean Muggli and he’s preparing to marry his fiancee, Nicole Murphy.

He’s looking real good in that suit, though.

First, we’d like to congratulate Keri Hilson on snagging this man. I mean, look at him. Serge Ibaka has it going on. Anyway, for ESPN’s  The Body Issue, the OKC’s own Serge Ibaka severs up his godly physique in perfect chocolate form. When he’s not doing damage on the basketball court, he’s back home in the Congo, giving back to the community.

There’s also a great shot of  tennis star, Venus Williams. who tells the magazine

I don’t like being defeated by anything. It makes me creative, that’s for sure. You have to figure out ways to win when you don’t feel well. You have to find different avenues in order to get your top health level, and you have to be tough. You can’t make any excuses, even though you have one of the biggest excuses available. It’s a roller coaster, but thankfully I’ve enjoyed roller coasters since I was a child.

The issue hits stores July 11th!

What do you think?


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