Bone Thugs -N- Harmony Is Trying to Pull A Wu-Tang on Everyone… So Get Your Wallet Ready

Hip-hop heads, rejoice!

Cleveland rap legends, Bone Thugs -N- Harmony are planning a reunion tour. According to TMZ, the boys of BTNH are touring, then recording their final album and moving on with their lives. Here’s the catch  though– they intend to sell one single copy of the album auction-style to the tune of at least 1 Million dollars.

Well, dang.

All five of the original members– Layzie, Krayzie, Flesh,Wish and Bizzy– are on board and ready to go. They say the 20-city tour will kick off  at the end of this year with the album auction being planned for  sometime in 2015. I  guess that’s good, because you’re gonna need time to save up all that change.

Wu-Tang Clan made headlines last year after making a similar announcement for their “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” super set. The 31-track album will be elaborately packaged to the highest bidder, which,  right now, stands at $5 Million. So yeah…

Somebody start a Kickstarter campaign like these outraged fans did. Start early, you might have a shot!

Are you excited about the prospect of new music or are you upset that fans will be left out in the dark? Tell us your thoughts.


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