Apollo Nida Speaks on His Jail Sentence and The State of His Marriage to Phaedra Parks

Apollo Nida is getting his last press tour in before his prison sentence starts.

In the first interview since the fraud sentence was handed down, Apollo dishes on how he’s handling the news, how he’s preparing for his bid, and what’s really going on with his marriage to Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks. FYI, it’s not going to make it through 8 years. She didn’t even attend his sentencing. In fact, she was in Cancun celebrating Fantasia’s birthday.

In addition to his jail term, he also has to pay back a portion of the money from his crimes. It could have been much worse, but in the end, he gives up $1.9 Million. TMZ breaks some of the fees down like this:

— JP Morgan Chase  $828,300
— IRS  $127,011
— Delta Airlines  $24,985
— State of California  $15,778
— State of Connecticut  $45,525
— State of Texas $39,275

Oh well, check out the interview. Despite everything, he seems to be in good spirits.


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