Flashback Friday: Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt practically grew up with me on television. Most famous for her role as Breanna Barnes on UPN’s One on One, and Maya Doolittle in the Eddie Murphy franchise, she now has a recurring role on BET’s Let’s Stay Together as Crystal Whitmore.

In terms of personal matters, Ms. Pratt has been known to keep some secrets, especially regarding her children. In 2011, she had us all looking crazy-eyed at our screens when she announced the arrival of her oldest daughter Lyric when the was almost a year old.Then, earlier this year, we find out that there’s another baby girl in the mix, who was born in August 2013. We still don’t know her name.

Kyla Pratt swears she wasn’t hiding her second pregnancy and said in an interview “I went to Disneyland 8 months pregnant. I just have people around me that respect me and understand where I’m coming from.” Here’s some shots of 3-year-old Lyric and her baby sister with the Easter bunny. I named him Darryl.

kyla pratt daughters kyla pratt daughters2

Don’t you just love happy babies? You just want to hold them forever! kyla pratt daughters3

And here the girls are with their father, Danny Kilpatrick. It’s sweet how they both have his eyes.

Just for funsies, here’s a throwback to the One on One days


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