Danity Kane’s Aubrey and Dawn Get Into A Fight At An LA Studio + A Birthday Video to Dawn!

Use your words, girls…

The newly reunited Danity Kane have had an great summer while completing their successful No Filter Tour in June. However, now that DK3 is back in the studio, tensions might be running a little higher than we expected. TMZ reports that two of the members, Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day turned to blows while at a Los Angeles recording studio on Monday. Shannon Bex attempted to shut down the altercation to no avail. At some point, Dawn hit Aubrey in the head with a closed fist, but there’s no word on what started the fight. Aubrey went on to file battery charges against her band mate.

None of the ladies have addressed the fight directly, but Aubrey did tweet yesterday

Dawn celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday, seemingly unbothered by any of the previous events. A video of Aubrey and Shannon wishing her a happy b-day surfaced on (and subsequently disappeared from) Youtube. However, nosey people move fast and reposted it.

Instead of focusing on the negative Dawn decided she’d rather fly…by skydiving.

Whatever is going on, here’s hoping that they work it out.


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