Lil Kim Makes a Run For Nicki Minaj, Does “Flawless” Remix

Once again, Lil Kim is letting it be known that she is the Queen Bee and nobody can dethrone her!

In a blatant display of contempt for her fellow female emcee, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim has not only plastered “The Pink Print” rapper on the cover of her new track, she also did her own “Flawless” remix, in which Kim replaced Nicki and wiped her from the cover art. Whooo, it’s cool over here in this shade. Meanwhile, folks are still waiting on this mixtape. I wonder how long the queen intends to keep her subjects waiting this time.

Identity Theft sees her go in calling her counterpart a “swagger jacker” and continuing with lines like

Since you insist on running your jibs off/After I drop these flowers for Big off/I’m gone come and blow yo lid off/ Like Adolf/Roll up the tints then peel off/Better wear your crosses and rosaries/read the Quran pray to Allah before you think about approaching me

Nicki’s “Anaconda” might be doing well on the charts, but Kimmy is obviously in her feelings about that verse that Nicki spit in the track Beyonce released last week.What does Kimmy Blanco, do? Put her own verse on the track.

“UGH! Am I trippin’ or did this hoe just say my name?/Queen of rap, f*ck outta here/ Queen’s back, f*ck outta here/Time to get this rap bitch up outta here”

What do you think? Is it time to hang this fight up and move on or nah?


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