Spotted: Chanel Iman Channels Old Hollywood

Chanel photographed by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey.
Chanel shot by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey, inspired by Bianca Jagger

Ahem, ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes on this! Chanel Iman is serving us vintage hollywood for online beauty magazine Violet Grey. Photographed by Ben Hassett, Chanel’s look is a compilation of  “iconic beauties”– all inspired by Josephine Baker, Linda Evangelista and Bianca Jagger.

Chanel an iconic beauty herself, shares her expectations in a fast paced, multi-billion dollar fashion industry.
“I’m 23 right now and I feel like I’m still trying to figure it out. Maybe in another two years I’ll have it all together. So maybe 25 is the age at which a woman feels her most beautiful just because she’s survived her teenage years and early twenties,” says Chanel.

photo 3-5
Powder Blue Eye inspired Josephine Baker

These looks are all achieved by French makeup artist Violette, who lets us in on a few tricks of the trade.

“To make a winged eyeliner look more defined and beautiful I do not use any eyeshadow but add a hint of cream highlighter from this contouring palette to the inner corners of the eyes, the brow bones and along the cheekbones,” says Violette.

This is one of my favorite photo shoots of Chanel. What about you? Comment below!

photo 2-10
Look inspired by Linda Evangelista, photo via Ben Hassett


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