A Done Deal: Paula Patton Divorces Robin Thicke

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke Divorce
I guess not even an entire album of begging and pleading could save them.

That’s right. It’s officially done-zo for “Baggage Claim” actress Paula Patton and  crooner Robin Thicke, for after 8 months apart, Paula has pulled that oh-so-frayed plug. When rumors started flying about the “Get Her Back” singer’s alleged cheating ways, the couple separated while Robin repented on stage and on record.

He even released a slightly creepy video for “Get Her Back,” depicting his pain and suffering at the mercy of a broken heart. It also looked like he drowned the lead actress, but that’s besides the point.

According to TMZ, the excuse as per usual is “irreconcilable differences” The former high-school sweethearts have been married for nearly a decade and have a four-year-old son named Julian. She requested joint legal and physical custody for the child and the divorce is apparently running along smoothly.

One thought on “A Done Deal: Paula Patton Divorces Robin Thicke

  1. This.is So Saddddd, I Wish Paula, Would Really Think about Some More, I Might Be Wrong, but I feel She More upset, about the fact, the World knows Their Business, an they are in Hollywood, Where every one has to add to it!! She Should Think about Their Son, in different Homes, Split weeking an hoildays.. She Should Try to Forgive Him,, This you Generation dont take the Marraige Vows Serious!! The first Hit to their Relationship, but its Their Life



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