Houston Radio Station to Dedicate Entire Playlist to Beyonce

Houston to debut a 24-7 Beyonce radio stationAfter a world-dominating tour with a matching HBO special, you’d wonder what was left for Beyonce to take over.

Radio, duh.

No, I know we just let go of ” Surfbordt.”

But for those of you who were sad to see it go, a radio station in Queen Bey’s hometown of Houston, Texas has decided it has room on the airwaves for a 24-7 rotation of Mrs. Carter.

Houston’s News92 was originally the city’s first all-news FM station, but after failing to reach the masses and consistently recording poor ratings for the last three years, they signed off for the final time. There was a statement on the station’s website addressing the public.

“News92, Houston’s first FM all-news radio station aired its last broadcast Wednesday, October 8, 2014… This difficult decision is a result of sustained poor ratings performance and significant financial losses over the past three years despite the substantial financial and human resources we invested.”

According to Yashima Azilove, who works for Radio One (who owns News 92,)  the move was primarily to bring money into the market. “In looking to make a transition, we go back to what we know,” Azilove told  Houston news outlet, ABC13. “We know urban radio. We’re in Houston, the combination seemed like a winning one.”

Billboard has come up with exactly how much of Beyonce’s back log you’d hear on the new station.

“If the new station only plays Beyonce’s solo catalog, it will have five albums to choose from. Not including various bonus tracks, remixes, live versions or tracks from other artists featuring Beyonce, those records contain 63 songs, adding up to roughly 4 hours and 15 minutes of music. Of course, if the station is willing to dig into Beyonce’s work with Destiny’s Child, that will expand their pool of possible tunes to draw from — Destiny’s Child recorded 5 albums (if you count their Christmas album), containing 67 songs and around 4.5 hours of music.”

So, a possibility of nearly nine hours of Beyonce on a constant loop? Maybe the BeyHive will be down. What do you think?


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