Ariana Grande is Apparently In The Market For New Boobs. Is Big Sean to Blame?

 photo ariana-grande-solo_zps07766bd8.png


Is Ariana Grande’s new love interest making her question her self image?

Well, the petite “Break Free” songstress seems to be considering an upgrade in cup size. According to Life & Style, Ariana has been contemplating the move from an her current A-cup to a C-cup and folks are pointing fingers at Grande’s boyfriend of three months, rapper, Big Sean, saying that she “just wants to please” him.

Fortunately, Hollywood Life reports that it’s a false alarm and she is “so happy with her body as is.”

Goodness. Ladies, have we learned nothing?

Naya Rivera debuted new breasts in March of this year and suddenly, she and Big Sean were no longer an item. I’m not saying that they couldn’t have been on the rocks beforehand, but making any changes to your body that weren’t made for your own benefit doesn’t ever seem to go over well.

If Ariana’s management team squashed this, good on them.

Meanwhile, she’s cancelling performances in Manhattan because she’s afraid of catching Ebola, according to the NY Daily News.



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