Taqoya Branscomb Proves that Matthew Knowles Is The Father, Koi Knowles Makes TV Debut

 photo taqoyabranscomb_zps612ee8fa.png
And now, for the next episode of Keeping Track of the Knowleses…

Remember a few months ago when we told you about the second paternity suit against Matthew Knowles with Taqoya Branscomb? Well turns out Beyonce now has another sibling in little Koi Knowles. She recently talked to Inside Edition, including an indisputable receipt that proved Koi was indeed Matthew’s daughter– a DNA test.

Despite knowing that he has another child in the world, Branscomb insists that Matthew has no interest in getting to know the four-year-old, girl.
“He doesn’t want to be a father. He’s made that very clear.” Her response: “His loss.”

See the video, including Koi’s adorable performance of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” below.

Inside Edition has the DNA results:
Click here to see the paternity results



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